Whether you are new to escape rooms, or are an experienced enthusiast, you may have a few questions about our game. If you don’t find your question below, feel free to contact us.

Will I Be Locked In?

No. You will always be able to go out the way you came in. The first room is completely open to the lobby and subsequent rooms have at least one open door (often two). Claustrophobia shouldn’t keep you from experiencing the fun!

Did You Say Multiple Rooms?

Yes. The Escape Wonderland experience is more than room. We won’t say how many because we don’t want to spoil your fun, but do know that you won’t be stuck in the same boring room like some other escape room venues.

What Ages Are Allowed?

We welcome all ages. We do require at least one adult to play with kids for a better experience (for us and for the kids trying to solve puzzles).

How Many Players Can Participate?

We recommend 4-6, but can accommodate up to 8 people. We require a minimum of 4 people to reserve the room, but you can play with less. Also, you can book 4 people and add more the day of (they can pay separately).

Can I buy the experience as a gift?

Yes, we have gift vouchers available for groups of 4, 5, or 6.

Will I Be Playing With Strangers?

No. Our rooms are private bookings, meaning just your group. Occasionally we might create special public booking availability for special events, like singles night, networking events, etc. but those aren’t what show on our calendar.

What if I Need to Go to the Bathroom or Take a Call?

It’s best to take care of both before the game, but we understand. Things happen. No worries: you can simply step out of the game while your friends continue, then jump back in.

Where Should I Park?

There’s free street parking right in front of the space, or across the street. There’s also a lot across the street and street parking further west. You can also park behind the building, but that’s not the top choice. For alternative transportation the train station is nearby & a bus station in walking distance, plus Ubers & Lyfts work in the area.

When Should I Arrive?

5-10 minutes before your game starts works best. If you are late, there may be a little wiggle room, but it could cut into your allotted time if there’s a group scheduled right after you. If you are traveling from Seattle on a Friday evening, do allow extra time for bad traffic.

Where Can We Celebrate Our Escape?

There are a couple nearby restaurants & bars. We’ll add more info here soon, especially if we can get you a discount.