Book Escape Room ExperienceEscape Everett is a fun, family-friendly escape room company based in Everett, WA. Our first escape room experience is based on Alice in Wonderland. Up to four more escape room experiences will be added to the location over time. If you haven’t been on an escape room adventure before, we highly recommend it – there’s no form of entertainment more immersive and memorable than an escape room.

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Escape Wonderland

Madd Hatter room at escape room
Actual picture in Mad Hatter room

Your group is trapped in Wonderland. Yes, the same Wonderland that Alice famously went into. To escape Wonderland, you will solve mysteries in the Queen of Hearts Castle, the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and will even shrink before escaping the rabbit hole in under an hour.

Being familiar with the Alice in Wonderland books or movies will make things more familiar, but no Alice in Wonderland knowledge is necessary to escape.

Ready to play? Grab your group of 4-8 friends and reserve your spot today.

Book Escape Room Experience

Well-behaved kids allowed with parent playing.

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